Thursday, September 08, 2005

Tweek of the Week - 9/09/2005

It's been a tough week for Gentleman Don. Does he know his party's policy - Forestry, Health, Housing? Does he know about whether fundamentalist Christian sects talked to him about 'helping' the National Party? Are they helping the National Party? Are his shoes on the right feet?

However, it would be too easy to award Don yet another 'Tweek of the Week' (and to kick a man when he's down - Comrade Tweek is a gentleman afterall).

So instead this week's Tweek goes to the Exclusive Brethren.
As the TV One News link notes:

"The Exclusive Brethren leaders don't vote but they are accused of waging a smear campaign against Labour and the Greens.

"The campaign we've put out is not a smear campaign, it is not designed as a smear campaign, it's designed to inform the people of New Zealand the real situation in this country," Simmons said."

....Well, that's fine then. It's not a subjective petty campaign waged by a small sect against the Greens and Labour, it's been given the official okay by God. (I wonder if he will own up to knowing them?)

Tweek(s) of the Week - The Exclusive Brethren
(9 September 2005)


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