Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hitlererian Dictator to Stand Trial…

I was watching Breakfast (that informed journal of intelligent news and information) this morning before leaving for work, when it was mentioned that Saddam Hussein is about to stand trial for a massacre at Dujail. I learnt later that it is a village north of Baghdad where his security forces are alleged to have killed at least 140 people after a failed attempt there on his life in 1982.

Well, good stuff, I thought. He should be put on trial for human rights abuses as should those who acted with and supported him during his bloody reign.

But, wait a moment, those people who supplied Saddam with the armaments and the money and, come to think of it, also sent military and security advisers across to train his army etc and then turned a blind eye and even in some cases condoned it when he committed terrible atrocities against the Kurds, the Iranians and his own people… They’re not standing trial!! They’re helping to run the trial!!! (Sigh)

Why, do I feel that Justice is not going to be served on this occasion?


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