Thursday, November 10, 2005

Late Spring Holidays

Comrade Tweek has been on holiday. Yup, even hard working members of the proletariat deserve holidays some times – God bless good Queen Helen….

I always find it incredibly difficult to write about my holidays. Visions of school essays titled ‘What I did during my Summer Holidays’ come into my mind. Like people are interested in beaches, travelling etc. Though, apparently, some are and, while I like reading well written travel books, my own travels don’t really fascinate me all that much.

It’s like writing about my love life or relationships. I have never tried to foster them (my relationships) onto people and my own observation as to the dire state of my love life seems only really relevant to me. I could write a complete column on my previous relationship and how I discovered that she was an admirer of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi’s and how that, as well as her views on genetic selection, led to us breaking up in short order….and how this short affair has clouded my mind as to women…but, only it hasn’t…I made a bad choice and got out of it.

I’ve always considered that there are more important things happening in the world than my personal wellbeing of course that could just be me and I could make some comments in relation to the difference between the genders…only, I don’t believe that there is that much….

A lot of this is because I’m a serious person and I like having serious conversations about serious issues, triviality was never my thing, although over the years, I’ve got better at it…

So anyway, I have returned and now I’m all set for Xmas…


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