Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A Meeting Of Like Minds

Apparently, there was a minding of like minds yesterday. Individuals from the New Zealand Treasury and the IRD met with members of ACT, National Party members, members of the Business Round Table, the Maxim Institute and a number of other Right Wing thing tanks to talk about the recent Treasury Report and other issues that have arisen since the election. Not surprisingly, there was a consensus about the need to cut state expenditure and flatten the tax rate.

At least, the Right are very open in terms of their agenda, which is a continuation of the economic direction of the 1980s and 1990s. It also gives credence to the view that the recent reports from Treasury are ‘ideologically biased,’ with ACT commenting that the recent Treasury Report was ‘like reading the ACT manifesto.’

The New Right have never given up on the idea of the complete restructuring of the economy and society based on their own narrow set of economic and ideological perspectives. To them, the present Government, as weak in ideals and as tainted by its own Right sympathisers as it is, is a mere blip in the economic radar.

The New Right are not going to give up, regardless of how many election losses are suffered by their respective parties in parliament, nor by how overwhelming the evidence is against their theories. They are completely convinced that they are right (pardon the pun). In effect, they have their own version of historical materialism, only in this version, free market capitalism prevails.


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