Wednesday, November 30, 2005

MSP on trial for anti-weapons protest (Tuesday 29 November 2005)
Morning Star

SCOTTISH Socialist Party MSP Rosie Kane will appear at Edinburgh Sheriff Court today and on Thursday in relation to a protest outside the Scottish Parliament that saw the road blocked by a mock-up of a Trident submarine.

The protest took place on March 10 2005 and ended when police moved in to cut out the protesters who had chained themselves inside the submarine. A total of 10 protesters will appear in court, all of them members of the Trident Ploughshares organisation and Scottish CND.

Ms Kane will plead not guilty, citing international law that rules weapons of mass destruction such as Trident as illegal because of the non-discriminatory way in which people would be killed if they were to beused.

"Instead of putting 10 people on trial, Scotland should applaud the anti-nuclear protesters for the tireless campaign that they have waged over the years to disarm the British state's weapons of mass destruction," she said.


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