Friday, November 18, 2005

Tweek of the Week (18 November 2005)

Another week, another Tweek…

The contenders this week…

Well, we have George and Co hitting back at the Democrats and others in relation to the increasing quagmire that is Iraq (You go Girl Friend!!). We have the French Government considering implemeting draconian laws from the 1950s, as Paris and other towns in France burn (hint: De Gaulle just declared a new Republic when things got too hot for him in the 50s). We also have Tuariki Delamere, a blast from New Zealand First’s past, who could be facing up to 10 charges of fraud. Then, there is the ongoing and strange saga of our new Foreign Minister, Winston Peters which appears to have gained international comment as well as unfortunate local references to Mothers-in-Law.

However, at the end of the day, the one that really tipped my fancy was the rather strange saga of the ACT Party bus. It appears that two young teenage girls having seen the bus abandoned and laid up in a Wellington backyard took it for a joyride, not once, but twice. It was made easier by the fact that the ACT people responsible for the bus left the keys in the ignition.

Important note to ACT people – Do not leave keys in the ignition if you do not intend to use the bus for the next few years…

(Tweek of the Week - The People Responsible for the ACT Bus)


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