Friday, November 25, 2005

Tweek of the Week (25 November 2005) pickings indeed…

George W and his best friend, Tony Blair rate a mention. Firstly, for the admission that George and Tony had discussed George's desire to take ‘military action’ against the Al Jazeera network and, two for a man who can declare war on others and singluarly force economic ruin on his nation, he appears to be incapable of opening a door. Tony gets another mention for letting his Attoney General lose on the British media and threatening them with the Official Secrets Act if they revealed George’s dirty little secret (about the bombing, not about the door).

The Catholic Church get an honorable mention. They have just released a report (21 paragraghs long) in which the Church justifies its decision not to allow active (or indeed passive) gays in the priest hood. This is despite a book by Father Donald Cozzens that 40 percent of priests were estimated to be gay. It’s good to know that under the enlightened leadership of Pope ‘Ratzinger', the Church continues to march boldly and fearlessly into the past...a lot like the New Right.

Then we come to our own little piece of paradise. Winston, a man who irritates the hell out of me, but yet also provides endless entertainment, is proving to be as good a Minister of Foreign Affairs as he was a Treasurer and Deputy PM. Hot on his success at APEC, Winston is now off to Chogm (being held at Malta) before going to visit the British Minister of Defence. Why? Who can say? Certainly, it's not the media, who Winston has been at pains to avoid...probably, because of their treason.

But, in the end, there can be only one 'tweek', or in this case, two. Reports reached me yesterday of two irrant schoolyard bullies who reside in Parliament. It’s not often that I side with Tories, but I agree with Tau Henare’s objection to the Speaker in relation to the disgusting display provided by the Minister of Immigration, David Cunliffe and his friend, Trevor Mallard in relation to a question asked to the Minister by National MP, Patsy Wong; after which Cunliffe mimicked Wong’s accent and Mallard apparently suggested that she take an ‘English language course’.

Well, Wayne Mapp doesn’t need to worry about these two. I wonder if they tell fat chick jokes as well in the House???

Bullies are bullies and they should not be tolerated in the school yard, in the workplace ...or in Parliament.

Tweek(s) of the Week – David Cunliff and Trevor Mallard


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